I created Cheap ABS to offer a solution I found to the annoying ABS problem that plagues B5 model Audi and Volkswagen cars. As an electrical engineer with a background in microelectronics, when I experienced the 'classic' ABS failure in my Audi, I decided to remove the ABS control unit and troubleshoot it to find the point of failure. I was able to identify where the module was failing and develop a method of repairing it. Over the past few years, I have continued to improve and hone my repair methods, and I am focused on continuing to deliver the highest quality possible.

The problem with many Bosch modules is due to an engineering defect. Bond wires are ultrasonically joined to the substrate inside the module. In a normal application, this would not be an issue. But due to the module's placement in the engine compartment, one of the most hostile environments for electronics (full of heat, vibrations, and electrical noise), these ultrasonic connections break and fail. They cannot be simply soldered back together. My fix completely replaces these ultrasonic bond connections so that the module will not fail again in this manner. I work on many other types of integrated units as well, including ATE, Kelsey Hayes, and WABCO controllers. All of these have specific failure points due to the thermal cycling to which they are continuously exposed.

I've repaired many of the modules for people in my community, and because I'm frustrated that the car manufacturers haven't offered a recall to fix this, I have decided to fix anyone's module who is having the same problem. Paying $1500 for the dealer to fix this is tough to swallow. So are the $600 rebuild kits. And so are the rebuilders charging up to 4 times what I do. While I originally started this as a service to the VW Passat and Audi A4/S4/A6/A8 community, I realize that this module is found in many other cars, including Saabs, and will be glad to repair ABS modules for anyone with a Bosch ABS system. Since founding my company in 2010, I have worked on many other types of ABS units and automotive parts as well. No matter what kind of vehicle or problem you have, let me know about it, and I'll see if I can help!

I am not a large shop like other firms. I keep this a small, 2-person operation and mainly do this as a service to help others prevent costly repairs. Since founding this business, I saved my clients many thousands of dollars. The advantage of using Cheap-ABS is that you will be able to work with the person servicing your module (me!). There are no hired technicians, no 800 numbers, no warranty RMA forms, etc. If you have a problem or a question, just contact me directly and I will help you to the best of my abilities.

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Disclaimer: The buyer assumes all risks associated with removing, installing, and usage of a remanufactured ABS module.

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